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go bankrupt
+ 30% merge or liquidated


Produce extreme multiples
(a portfolio of 15-20 start-ups)


Assess product/service technological viability and scalability (uniqueness).

Market existence & potensial

Evaluate market size, growth potential, and demand.


Analyze competitors, barriers to entry, and differentiation.

Entrepreneurial capacity

Evaluate founders’ experience, team, skills, and vision execution.

Financing potentials

Assess funding requirements, potential sources, and exit strategies.

always ready to adapt as your business needs

Flexible solutions tailored to evolve with your company’s growth. Scalable services adapt seamlessly as your business requirements change.

  • Early Stage: Seed funding, product development, market validation

  • Growth Stage: Scaling operations, expanding markets, team building

  • Maturity Stage: Strategic partnerships, merger/acquisition guidance, exit planning

Due Diligence reports

Comprehensive analysis evaluating all critical aspects of your venture’s potential success.
Price 2 500/report

taxation planning

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Advisory Board

Harness invaluable expertise from a distinguished panel of seasoned industry professionals.
Price 2 500/month

Board member

Gain an influential leadership voice with a strategic vision on your governing board.
Price 2 500/month

Price 950/day

Leverage specialized knowledge and personalized guidance to drive sustainable business growth.

Ever 2 Excel

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