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Innovative thinking

Swedish Business Angels & Investment Managers bringing global expertise to Australia’s startup ecosystem. Investing in, advising & supporting innovative startups through unique valuation methodologies. Facilitating cross-border partnerships for startup growth & excellence.

We come from the world’s most innovative country (Sweden) and have worked with many exciting and innovative startups.

Seasoned Swedish business angels and investment managers, now operating globally from Australia. We invest, advise and support innovative startups utilizing a unique valuation methodology. Expertise spans startup growth, global partnerships, and delivering excellence through collaborative approaches.

Our commitment to helping our clients by delivering strategies for expansion both within the country and international

Our team delivers tailored strategies for startup growth domestically and internationally. We leverage our global network and cross-border expertise to facilitate expansion, forge strategic partnerships, and drive sustainable success. Our commitment ensures clients receive comprehensive support for scaling operations effectively.

Global Team = World class results.

Jean Kallmyr

Investment manager & Business Angel

Select and analyse deals, lead the deal screening team, make investment decisions, take board assignments; conduct due diligence, specialised in medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical ventures.

Mats Kallmyr

Business Angel

Find and analyse ventures, take board assignments and advisory board assignments, conduct operational excellence processes, and specialise in technology, ICT, innovation and sustainable ventures.

“We have worked with Stockholms Affärsänglar (Business Angels) in Sweden since 2015.
As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship and
now we start with a new chapter with the Startup Nerds here in Australia.”


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