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  • BPVC methodology is based on several decades of research.

BPVC Methodology
by Lennart Ohlsson

The BPVC methodology was developed by Lennart Ohlsson, an associate professor at KTH’s Centre for Banking and Finance who specializes in venture capital research. Ohlsson is also a founder of the Stockholm Business Angel Group (STOAF Group) and Sustainable Energy Angels.

Best Practice Venture Capital (BPVC)

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The methodology is based on decades of research studying successful American venture capital practices, especially high-performing venture capitalists and funds in Silicon Valley.


Technology: uniqueness, IP etc


Market existence and potential etc.


Competition – actual or potential.


Entrepreneurial capacity, or creative brainpower (there is a performance related F-risk)


Financing potentials etc.

60% of ventures receiving venture capital go bankrupt

The BPVC approach was further refined and developed based on the practical experience of the STOAF Group’s funds operating in Sweden.

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Predictability and controllability

Only 0,6% of a thousand business plans received by a VC during a year got financed!

The steps of filtering deal proposals:

Upside opportunities (UP)

Summary of an easy-to-recognize, sufficient UP.


Those who have one or two of the five UP factors that have a high predictable risk or even a significant identified uncertainty have a small probability of success


Investigate the main uncertainties when doing the final selection.

The steps of Due Diligence focus:

T, M, K factor

T, M, K – windfall gains or losses, sensitivity analyses on opportunities/uncertainties and risks/chances.

E-factor Entrepreneurial

E – windfall gains or losses, personality assessments, competence assessments and contract designs.


VC’s control of financing risks.

BPVC combines Academic Research Into Top VC Firms With Practical Insights From An Active Angel Investment Group In Applying A Best Practices Framework For Venture Capital Investing.

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Early-stage investments require a more developed business intuition.

The BPVC methodology used by the STOAF Group’s funds in Sweden.






extreme multiples


merged or liquidated

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Investors had approximately two complete losses on every Home Run (defined by Nasdaq as ‘Large capital gain in a stock in a short period of time’) they got.

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